Here is the table af all available ROMS that are known to us :

Name Made by Based on Status Information links Comments
Stock ROM Samsung Gingerbread Gold Official ROM
Stock ROM Samsung Froyo Gold Official ROM
Samsung GT-I5510 Gingerbread WillingMagic CM 7 Alpha


John XDA fan

CM 7 MIUI Alpha
Samsung GT-I5510 Ice-Cream Sandwich WillingMagic CM 9 Alpha

In Alpha Stage 3
MIUI ICS John XDA fan CM 9 MIUI Alpha / on hiatus
JoyOS on SM7.2 airasz JoyOS Alpha


airasz LewaOS Alpha
Perseus Karandpr Gingerbread Alpha ?
Arkas 1.6 Karandpr Gingerbread Stable
Arkas 1.7


Gingerbread Alpha ?
CM 7.2 Ajay CM 7.2 Stable
Miui Gingerbread 2.4.20 CM 7.2 Stable ?
JoyOS Anvesh Parashar CM 7.2 Stable

LewaOS (updated)

Anvesh Parashar CM 7.2 Stable Stable And Fast

MookeOs (new!!)

Anvesh Parashar CM 7.2 Stable Stable

Xperializesd Version 12.b (New!)

Anvesh Parashar CM 7.2 Beta 1

New Experience Jelly Bean Special Edition

ame316 CM 7.2 Stable CM10 Style CM7 BasedRom

Jelly Bread V.2.5

Anvesh Parashar CM 7.2 Stable JeallyBean Mod +GingerBread
Jellybread v3 bebek15 CM 7.2 Stable
Jellybread v3.5.1 airasz CM 7.2 Stable?

GingerSnap  V.2.3 (New!)

Anvesh Parashar CM 7.2 Stable Lg UI +Cm7 Based Rom

Cyanogenmod10 Jelly Bean

Ajay191191 and Jellybean 4.1 Alpha

Far From a Stable Rom

Cyanogenmod10 Polished Jelly Bean

Anvesh parashar Jellybean 4.1 Alpha


CyanogenMod 10.1 - Jellybean 4.2.2

ankur850 Jellybean 4.2.2 RC 3 (Thread Closed)

CyanogenMod 10.2 - Jellybean 4.3 ankur850 Jellybean 4.3 Stable
Cyanmobile eXperience

Squadzone bebek15

CM 7.2

Abandonned Restarted

Lezo OS bebek15 Lezo OS Beta ?
New Experience KitKat Special Edition BurnMode CM7.2 Stable
New Experience v10.1 BurnMode CM7.2 Stable?

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